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Levels of Engagement

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Are you in sales? Do you feel like you are always struggling to meet targets, being told you could do better or missing out on the deal at the last hurdle?

Or perhaps you manage a sales team? Is there unhealthy competition between your salespeople? Does poor communication impact on your team’s performance? Are you disappointed with their results because you know they can do better?

YES? Then you need to download our free Sales Traps Report, which highlights the most common traps that salespeople and managers fall into, affecting their results and their performance.


Sales Traps Report

Five levels of engagement have been identified, based on the above premise of “Satisfaction + Contribution = Engagement”. They are:

The Engaged: High contribution and high satisfaction.

Almost Engaged: Medium to high contribution and medium to high satisfaction.

Honeymooners & Hamsters: Medium to high satisfaction but low contribution.

Crash & Burners: Medium to high contribution but low satisfaction.

The Disengaged: Low to medium contribution and low to medium satisfaction.

If you would like to know more about the engagement levels within your organisation then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help…

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