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what our clients say

Over the years, Eugene and One To Ten Coaching have worked with a wide variety of clients across a range of industry sectors, dealing with a whole host of business issues and challenges, from big to small.

Here are just some of the things our satisfied clients have said about working with us. If you want to know more about how we have helped them and the results they have seen then please get in touch.

Just a few comments from our happy clients...

“It won’t work for me, they don’t know me.” How wrong was I? If only I had made contact when I first got the flyer, I would have achieved even more of my goals. Thank you Eugene!”

ZH, Burnley

“How do you do it? You don’t know me, and all the issues I have, but you have managed to break down and clarify what action I should now take. I am so much happier.”

CJ, Bristol

“How can I trust someone who does not know me? They will judge me and think I’m stupid for coming to them, wasting my money.” How wrong was I! Now I’m investing in me for me - the price of a monthly gym subscription!”

SF, West Bromwich

“I’ve recommended him to my boss, because if he can help me this much just imagine what he can do for my employer, with all the problems we have. Also two of my friends have booked courses!”

SR, Birmingham

“A free session with no charge - what could I lose? But before you begin you should understand what this will do for you: if you use Eugene as a coach it will change your life. So much support and attention on you, you can’t go wrong!”

JN, Nottingham

“I could not understand how it would work on the telephone, but with an open mind it has been invaluable to me, and will now be part of my ongoing development. The time spent on the sessions and the actions you take make you move forward towards your destination. One to Ten is my nickname for Eugene!”

PB, Manchester


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